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Our approach to childcare is to keep children, staff and just as importantly the parent happy!



Base Camp

A great indoor space which is used as its name suggests – the base. This is where the children are meeted and greeted and is the area where they get to play to their hearts content. Staff interact and help with heaps of activities i.e. games, art, cookery, creative workshops and cultural themed weeks. Available are wii, laptops and whiteboard with limited and monitored screen time per child, dressing up, books, dolls, cars etc etc. The kitchen leads off from this room and ‘the base’ is where the children enjoy mealtimes. Access to the outdoor space leads off from this room.

Studio Camp

A spacious first floor room designated for age 8+. The area gives the older children more independence from the younger ones. In this room there are lounge chairs, table football, playstation and air hockey. We also use this room for some designated adult led activities and is also when the younger children get the chance to be included with the use of ‘Studio camp’ e.g. dance workshops, fitness classes, music sessions and Lego/puzzle days.

Outdoor Activity/Play Area

Within the grounds of the building and accessed from base camp we have a great all weather play area which is supported by a mountain of play and sport equiptment, vegetable beds, all weather football pitch (gated separately to give freedom with the game and avoiding the ball hurtling across and knocking over another Childs precious den!), a banked grassy area (the children love to convert this into a mud slide!), woodland area (great for pretend camping), and a wooden hut for imaginary play.

We encourage, in every session, outdoor play which supports the children with their social skills, team work principles and physical activity. ‘Weather permitting’ is not really a phrase we use and for this reason please ensure your child has the correct clothing for outdoor time.

To gain access to the building parents enter through this outdoor area via a locked gate with pin code security and a security locked front entrance door.

The Park

Immediately across the road we have the approved use of a municipal park. We are often in the park at an ‘out of school’ session together with a plethora of usages in holiday club time. The park has a climbing frame, swings, slides, grassed football pitch and tennis pitch. There is also an adventure ‘nature’ play area with balance beams and logs. The park is often used when we have planned the professional coaching sessions i.e. cricket, football and photography



Our food is freshly prepared and where possible we buy and support local farms and businesses together with adopting our fair-trade approach.

A weekly menu is planned to cover nutritional needs using produce with limited or no additives, fat, sugar and salt.

Snacks are available which would incorporate a variety of fresh fruit.

Drinks are available constantly where we encourage water or light juice.

Food is not just for grown ups to prepare. We often use food as a source of learning i.e. cultural and seasonal. For example...

Apple tasting days in the autumn ‘count the varieties and try to remember them all – tasting is the best bit!
Pumpkins are used again in the autumn for our annual pumpkin Olympics.
Indian cuisine is introduced if we are hosting an Indian themed session (Chinese etc). Foccacia bread is easy to make and supports an Italian theme.

We also have 2 vegetable plots where the children grow their own!

These are just a few examples of how we embrace and enjoy food in different ways and how we promote knowledge and understanding of the world.


Early Years Foundation Stage

We are registered with OFSTED to operate within the governments Early years foundation stage (EYFS). As a provider of early years framework we follow a structure of learning, development and care for your child up to 5 years old. It allows your child to learn through a range of activities. We hold regular meetings with Lothersdale School foundation teacher and parents for those children in reception to ensure continuity and to share observations.


In addition all children benefit from the diverse range of adult led and self led activities which are carefully thought through to support EYFS, national curriculum and bespoke development goals for each child. Children are encouraged to be involved in group or individual sessions together with the freedom to express themselves and develop at their own pace.

Each room supports learning and development through play.



We are legislated by OFSTED and embrace with vigour their policies. The policies and expectations are there for a reason. We additionally set ourselves our own goals which go beyond the expected levels of OFSTED i.e. staff: child ratios where we would exceed the minimum requirements. We aim to provide an excellent and outstanding provision and are constantly re-checking our working routines, methods and developments. Children and parents are a fabulous voice for us in this regard.


The policies of particular interest to you would be our payment terms and conditions and our safeguarding children policy. Please download any of these documents from the links below

Safeguarding Children Policy

We have key guidelines in place to protect and keep your child safe. Download

Behaviour Policy

Our experienced staff monitor and work with children of varying personalities. Certain basic behaviours are expected in the interest of harmony and wellbeing for all children, please read our policy for more details Download

Equal Opportunities Policy

We encourage awareness of everyones rights and needs. Our equal opportunity policy stretches across the full breadth of children, staff, committee and parents Download

Admissions and Fees Policy

This provides the details of when payment should be made, late collection fees etc Download

Complaints Policy

Should you have need to complain please download the attached form which gives you details of how a complaint will be dealt with Download


Child Care Vouchers

What is the Child care voucher scheme?

In 1990 the government introduced legislation that allows working parents to save money on childcare.

This legislation allows childcare costs to be deducted direct from gross salary and is classed as a non-taxable benefit in kind.

As an example a high rate taxpayer can have a potential saving of 41% on childcare fees:

Breakfast Club £2.42 per session

Out Of School Club £3.84 per session

Holiday Club Half Day £5.90

Holiday Club Full Day £10.62.

(The above examples are taken from the session ordinary cost minus the maximum potential saving for a high rate taxpayer; different tax rates would need a different calculation)

Click here for further help and guidance www.childcare-vouchers.net

Please speak with your employer to see if they operate such a scheme. The service provider chosen by your company will need the following information

OFSTED registered number: EY415101

Ask us for an information sheet giving the details you’ll need to give to your employer/voucher scheme provider.


Short Notice Bookings

Supporting you as the parent is an integral part in the partnership with your child.

On each of the Breakfast Club, Out Of School Club, Holiday Club and training days we keep a small number of available places for those unplanned, short notice and emergency scenarios. Simply call us on the day and if we can help you we would love to. We charge the same rates as we do for the morning/afternoon sessions.

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